About Us

Call Charlie, Inc. was incorporated in 1998 to provide telephony, data, and various other wired services to small business and store fronts in the North Georgia area. We have since expanded to provide service in the form of additions, moves and changes to even major corporations, and added additional services as required from our customers to meet their individual needs.

Call Charlie, Inc. was conceived by Charles R. Boyd, CEO/CFO after completing a career of thirty five years with a local Bell Operating Company, serving various communities in many technical capacities. Desiring to continue to provide the type of service which was once a standard of years past, has committed our company to exceptional service, excellent quality, reasonable response time, and cost containment not usually found in today's workplace.

At Call Charlie, Inc. we appreciate our customers confidence in us, and work hard to keep that confidence. We enjoy the reputation of accepting and meeting challenges as day to day operations. We use the very best products and materials that are found in the trade, and often pass any cost discounts along to our customers as additional savings.

Companies, large and small, benefit from the experience, quality application, and cost containment that Call Charlie, Inc. services provide.